Pre-school Group for Hearing Impaired Children

Every Monday in school term time

12 pm - 1:30 pm

Hounslow Urban Farm
Fagg's Road
TW14 0LZ

Phone Sue on 0208 893 2429
or the Hounslow Hearing Impairment Team
on 0208 583 6600 for more information.

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CHSWGs (Children's Hearing Services Working Groups) are based in health authority areas, and ensure that all services designed to support deaf children and their families work in a co-coordinated way. Each group includes representatives from health, social services, education, the local voluntary sector, and crucially, parents of deaf children who contribute a unique perspective. Meetings are held four times a year and topics such as budget cuts, audiology appointments and many more relevant issues are discussed and actions are taken to improve services. If you are the parent or carer of a deaf child in the Hounslow and Ealing areas you can either become a parent rep or contact a parent rep to discuss any issues you may have with services in your area. Either contact your Teacher of the Deaf for more information, or email Elaine on 

Together we can make a difference for Deaf Children.

December 2013
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The NDCS (National Deaf Children's Society) campaign for a world without barriers for deaf children. Previous campaigns have succeeded in getting the Government to take action on acoustics in schools, TV subtitles and the newborn hearing screening programme. Currently, NDCS is campaigning to save services for deaf children amidst heaving spending cuts across the UK. As a parent-led organisation, we rely on our members to help us campaign for change.

To find out how you can take action to support NDCS's campaigns, visit


What a good idea

If you have a young baby or child who needs to wear hearing aids, keeping them in can be the most difficult thing to do. Why not visit Kiddichic who have fantastic headbands suitable for doing the job whilst keeping your child fashionable! Visit the website on for more information. The headbands are made by a local family who wanted to help other parents in the same boat.




You can make a difference. Improve things for your child and other deaf children by making the most of the local services provided for them.


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